KJ7NZL → AE7II → Robert V. Bolton

Who is KJ7NZL AE7II? #

New Callsign = New Website #

UPDATE: I’ve changed my callsign to AE7II and I have a new webstie. Check it out: ae7ii.dev

Hi, I’m Rob. I’ve been involved with ham radio since 2006. That’s not completely accurate. I was first licensed as a Technician in 2006, but quickly lost interest in the hobby. I allowed my license to expire in 2016, but in 2020 I gained a renewed interest in ham radio and I’ve been involved ever since.

Rob taking a bite out of 2600 magazine.

Some of my interest include satellite operations, digital modes and digital voice modes. I use to run the YSF Reflector Radio Hackers (Reflector: #33360) for hams who love to explore the technical side of amateur radio. Unfortunately it’s currently offline. Currently, I’m operating with a Yaesu FT3D with a custom built hotspot using a LoneStar MMDVM Simplex board. I’m additionally using a Yaesu FTDX 3000 for HF digital modes with an End Fed Antennas for 80m - 10m.

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