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Learning Morse Code Series

morse code, learning series

I’ve decided to learn morse code because I absolutely want to purchase a new Yaesu FT DX 3000 later this year. The radio is reasonability priced for all the features it comes with, in particular the ones for CW. Plus with the optional 300 Hz narrow filter this radio is designed to work CW well. I’m planning on purchasing this radio in December of this year, so what more practical way to pass the time than learning morse code?

Yaesu FTDX 3000

Yaesu FTDX 3000

The two tools I’ve been using thus far are the Morse Mania app for Android app for Android and lcwo.net. I’ve spent more time with the Morse Mania app just trying to learn all of the letters. However this my actually be detrimental to my progress since lcwo.net is much less forgiving. For example with the phone app, I’m able to take time and process the letter I head before I select which letter I think it is, however with lcwo.net I’m given a fraction of a second before it moves on to the next letter. I find this very frustrating because it’s easy to fall behind if you hesitate or try and go back and change your answer. As a result I haven’t been using lcwo.net as much as I should. I’ve only barely gotten past the first two lessons. I should practice with the website more than the phone app since it’ll force me to start recognizing the letters just by sound, but I find the website just so frustrating to use. At this point I need to force myself to use lcwo.net and report back on my progress to learn morse code. This will hold me accountable to my effort to learn morse code prior to December and my purchase of the Yaesus FTDX 3000.