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New Callsign, New Website - AE7II.DEV


At the end of 2021 I passed my Extra Class license exam and since then I’ve been entering the callsign lottery to snag on of those sweet 1x2 or 2x1 callsigns. After two months I got fed up with all the games that goes one with trying aquire a four character callsign and just applied for a 2x2 callsign. As of 2022-03-22 I’ve been offically assigned the callsign AE7II. As a result I’ll be transititioning some of the contents of this site over to ae7ii.dev. The new site will not be in a blog format, it’ll be what is know as a digital garden. I’m not really going to go into the details between the two, but just know that a digital garden is an every evolving way of sharing knowlege. This website will still exist for a while since the domain name doesn’t expire for a while, but it won’t be around forever. It’s a shame too because I’ve had some pretty big websites link to my stuff here and I doubt not as many people will find my new website. Oh well, see you over at ae7ii.dev.