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Shit Ham Radio Operators Say


If you read the Reddit subreddits r/amateurradio or r/HamRadio you no doubt have run across some curmudgeon that has lost their shit because someone phrased something incorrectly or didn’t use some arcane termonology when asking a question. More often than not the commenter will have a history of such behaviour. I find this hilarious and frequently think about the things that irritate me. I’ve never expressed my opinion on the subject until now, but here’s a list of the shit ham radio operators say that drives me crazy.


Is it Ham Radio or HAM or something else? Who cares?! Well, it turns out that a vocal minority on Reddit’s two ham radio subreddits care, and they are more than happy to let people know it. You see this outrage occur when someone unfamiliar to ham radio asks a question about getting into the hobby. Nine times out of ten the post title is something along the lines of “How do I get into HAM?” If you stop and think for more than a second, it makes sense as to why they would use the acynomn HAM. There are many communication acronyms in use these days the general public is aware of: CB, GMRS, and FRS. When you take this into consideration, it’s easy to see where the mistake would come from. As far as I am concerned, I don’t care if someone calls it HAM. That doesn’t really irritate me as much as the term ham radio does. Personally I try using amateur radio as much as I can. My sole exception is my use on this website. I do it to take advantage of the SEO ranking for the term ham radio. I’m not exactly sure why I prefer to use amateur radio, maybe I just like feeling like an elitist.

Rag Chew #

I hate the phrase rag chew. It’s stupid. To me it sounds like you enjoy chewing on bloody tampons. To further explain that reference, rag is slang for a sanitary napkin. You’ll never overhear me utter the phrase rag chew. If I do you know I’ve been replaced by an evil clone.

Play Radio #

You’re an adult, grow the fuck up. You don’t play radio! Yes, I know the word play can be defined as occupying oneself in an activity for amusement or recreation, but it sounds childish.

Tactical Radio Comms #

This by far is the most egregious thing anyone can say about ham radio. This is almost exclusively employed by preppers. These dipshits love to masterbate to their postapocalyptic fantasies about saving the world with their shity BaoFeng UV-5R radios. They talk adnauseam about using tactical radio comms during a “grid down” or “SHTF” scenario. Who takes these losers serious besides other preppers? There are tons of videos on YouTube and post on Reddit about obtaining your license for just such scenarios. These same people also love to point out that in an actual emergency you really don’t need a license. I repeatedly find this contradiction amusing and often ponder why they care so much about legally transmitting while living in their lawless postapostapocalyptic utopia. I’ve always wanted to ask one about this. The problem is you can never find these dipshits on the air.

Well there you have it, a sweet list of shit ham radio operators say that irritates me. I say this all in jest. And merely mention this because I don’t want on of those end times lunatics coming after me with a sharpened Signal Stick attached to their BaoFeng.